Onsite support & training

Do you need support at your home, including:-

  • training to get the most out of your Apple equipment and software
  • support to configure your new Mac and get it up and running at home
  • help configuring iCloud, Family Sharing, setting up your network, connecting a printer or getting your Apple TV up and running?

We can help you with these and a whole lot more…

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In-store Support, Training and Priority Check-in

Do you need support or training. It can be as simple as setting up email on your devices and syncing your devices, through to advanced configuration of specific Apps and connection of third party devices.

Our bench staff are able to assist you with your needs. You can book in a simple 15min session or if you need more time the 30min or 1 hour sessions are available.

You can also use the 15min option to book a priority check-in, which will ensure we run basic diagnostics and check your device in for repair as soon as you arrive in store.

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