Same-day iPhone screen repair

iPhone Same Day Repair

Cracked iPhone screen?
We can repair your damaged screen and have your iPhone back the same day.* We use genuine Apple parts to deliver Apple-certified repairs, which are backed by Apple, so you'll get your iPhone back and working exactly the way it should. Bring your iPhone to us before 3pm, and we 'll have it ready for pick up later that day. Same-day service is available for iPhone 7 and newer models.

* If you are travelling any distance to get to our store please call ahead on 07 5444 7507 to confirm we have stock of displays for your particular iPhone model.


How long will my repair take?

For displays and some component repairs (ie. battery, camera, etc.) we can usually have them repaired within 3 hours. All other repairs that require a whole unit replacement will take one week as we may have to send your iPhone to Apple's Service Centre for repair or replacement.

What do I need to do before coming in for service?

There are a few things you can do before dropping your device into our store. See this article on Apple's website for more information on preparing your device. You will also need to turn off activation lock. This article explains it.

What kind of iPhone repairs do you do?

We repair and service iPhones both inside and out of Warranty or Consumer Law coverage. To determine if your iPhone is covered by warranty, enter the serial number into the Online Service Assistant section on the Apple Support site.

Note: We may need a copy of your proof of purchase document (ie. tax invoice, phone contract) to confirm your warranty status.

We perform same unit repairs that include replacing a display, battery, iSight camera, vibe motor and a number of other individual components which can be done by our technicians within a few hours. We also perform whole unit repairs where we replace the entire unit. This can be a carry-in repair where we order a replacement iPhone from Apple and they ship it to us (within 2 days) and then we send your iPhone back to Apple. In some cases Apple require the iPhone to be sent to Apple's service centre in Sydney for repair and this can take one week for turnaround. 

NB. If your iPhone needs to be sent to Sydney we may be able to hire you a iPhone for a nominal fee (see below).

Your replacement iPhone will be covered by your existing warranty or a 90 day warranty, whichever is the greater. It may also be covered by Australian Consumer Law.

Do I get a loaner iPhone during the repair?

We do have a few older iPhones available for hire for $30 for the duration of the repair. NB. If we do issue a loaner iPhone you are expected to take good care of it and will be billed for any damage found on return of the loaner iPhone.

What if the back glass on my iPhone is cracked?

Apple's method of repair for earlier iPhone models with a cracked rear glass is to replace the entire unit, so the Whole Unit Replacement pricing would apply. However with iPhone 12 and 13 models we can do a rear system assembly replacement that replaces the back glass enclosure as well as other internal components. Pricing for replacing the back assembly on these models is listed in the right column.

What if my iPhone is covered by AppleCare+?

If you purchased AppleCare+ with your iPhone, we can arrange to repair it under the appropriate AppleCare+ service tier. We should also be able to allocate a loaner iPhone to you.

What if my iPhone is not covered by warranty?

As an authorised Apple Service Provider, iLove Computers can also arrange Out of Warranty service for your iPhone. 

Can I troubleshoot my iPhone?

Yes. Please visit Apple's iPhone support site for helpful troubleshooting of your iPhone. It will explain how best to determine if your iPhone has a software or hardware issue. If you have reviewed the articles on the website, and you're still not sure if your iPhone requires service, you can bring it into our service centre for assistance.

Note: If we restore your iPhone to iTunes on one of our Macs and that solves the problem, a $65 diagnostic fee will be charged. This fee will be not be charged if your phone has a hardware issue and you choose to proceed with a repair/replacement.

Will the data on my iPhone be preserved?

In many cases we need to restore your iPhone as part of the troubleshooting process, so we strongly recommend you always backup your device before repair. See here for details.

Note: Following service your replacement iPhone may have a newer version of the iOS. As a result you may need to update your App Store applications or iTunes version to ensure compatibility with the new iOS. If you experience a problem with an application purchased from the App Store, check iTunes to see if an update is available or contact the application vendor directly.

Are your prices different to Apple prices?

Yes, as an Apple Authorised Service Provider our pricing for out of warranty services – like battery and display replacements – will be different to those offered by Apple Retail stores at Chermside and Brisbane. This is to cover our labour costs and ensure we can provide convenient service to our Sunshine Coast customers, saving you a trip to Brisbane.