Easter Holiday Hours

We are closed these days over the Easter and Anzac period

Easter Cross Friday 19th
Monday 22nd
Saturday 20th
Thursday 25th

Is your Apple device up-to-date?

While software upgrades on Apple devices are generally straight-forward and run without issue, there are times when things don't run as they should. This can be due to a slow or unstable internet connection, or not enough storage space on the device. If you are having trouble upgrading or don't have time to run upgrades yourself, then we can help.

Using the links below you can schedule a time to drop your device in to us and we will look after your upgrade for you.  

Mac OS Upgrade $50
Time required: 1-2 hours 



iPod, iPhone, iPad iOS Upgrade $30
Time required: 30-45mins



Is your Mac feeling sluggish?

Over time your Mac can slow down due to a number of reasons. Sometimes the installation of new software has added complexity to the core system. At other times malware and adware may have been introduced and causing popups and unusual requests when surfing the web. Whatever the reason, our staff can get your Mac back to running at its optimal performance level.

Mac Spring Clean (includes Malware Removal) $119
Time required: leave Mac with us for 24-48 hours 



Mac Malware Removal $50
Time required: 24 hours